December 26, 2011
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I liked Bleach in the first story arc and part of the second. The mythology was interesting. I liked some of the animation and use of backgrounds. I liked some of the characters, and they actually changed. It was an OK way to spend some time with Paul. However…

Since Ichigo got really powerful, it’s gotten really boring. Episodes are structured somewhat like Pokemon or Yuh-gi-oh: There’s a powerful guy who we know won’t fail. There’s a boastful opponent. There’s a big setpiece battle. This is all against a background of, well, nothing. Apparently no one ever does anything but prepare to fight, and then fight. (Doesn’t the Soul Society have things to do other than chase around after Ichigo and company?) What differs from episode to episode is pretty much just the weaponry: different sorts of monsters in Yuh-gi-oh, different kinds of zanpakutō in Bleach. 

So are there anime that are somewhere farther away from Yuh-gi-oh, but with still enough blood-n-thunder for a 16-year-old boy? 

Oh, and fewer of the really stupid bit characters.